December 2008

“She taught me to laugh,

to be kind yet tough,

and that half measures

are never enough”

To my mother by Leonard Wise


Its very dingy and depressing to be unsuccessful. Its even more sore to realize our abominable workmanship. The craft of being successful has become a faded illusion to me. Now standing at the brink of a passing year, nothing is left in it for me to rejoice….. let alone survive!!!!!

Now I am ignorant of directions and I dont see any roads leading me to my destination…. I am wonderstruck since I dont actualize any destination at all….!!!!!!

I was taken aback by the comment passed by the Chief Minister of the most literate state in India about the martyrdom of Sandeep Unnikrishnan. He stated that if it was not for Sandeep not even a dog would have turned towards them. He neither showed due respect to the patriot who laid his life for the country nor did he seem to be politically and diplomatically correct. In a country were diplomacy is always given a chance even when the heart has been shelled in to pieces, this should not have been a surprise to anybody.

We shed a part of our income to pay these public servants who has no control not even on their tongue. Lets take an example…… we have a maid servant at home and we pay her to do her job in the most appropriate manner. If she fails continuously to do her duties, what would be our reaction???? Will we keep her forever or we replace her with another one???? But in our democratic set up, we have to wait for 5 long years to show our reaction or objection to these hare brained and insane individuals.

I wonder where Mr. Maratha- jai Maharashtra- Raj Thackerey was when Mumbai was quivering in the terror attacks. It seems that his policy was not to allow any non maratha to live in Mumbai and it doesn’t pertain to non Indians at all. Terrorists are most welcome. Very amusing policy indeed!!!! Mr. Maratha should realize that those brave Indian Commandos who lost their lifes to liberate the city were not marathas alone but were from different parts of India. Its time for Mr. Maratha to agnize that attacking the innocent people who come to Mumbai to earn their livelihood is not the right way to define bravery. If he really loves his birth place, then take action to restrict the entry of foreign terrorists who spits fireballs on the heart of the Motherland.

I know that nothing is going to change. Diplomacy will be given yet another chance. And all those “enlightened” rulers of the country will try to remain politically correct sacrificing the beautiful face of our Motherland.

How many of you beleive that cats are reincarnation of bad spirits??? How many of you consider the wild but domesticated creature as bad omen? Do you cancel your errands if a cat happens to cross your way? If your answer is a confused “yes”, then please explain to me the logic behind your belief……

Recently, while driving my car down an empty road, I hit a cat accidently. It was late in the night… so I thought it was better not to stop the car to see the poor creature’s plight. My cousin who was with me explained this incident to his old grand mother. She proclaimed that the cat we hit is a “rakshas”- a malyalam word for an evil spirit. And she asked him to be more careful….. because rakshas will avenge the cruelty eventhough it was an accident…….!!!!!

I was trying to guess the logic behind this….. I hate these superstitions which are quite irrational that bob up just because of fear and ignorance…… and people manipulate it according to their whims and fancies…… and makes these beliefs anomalous and extensively marked by incongruity!!!!!!