February 2009

“The picture says it all…… what a proud moment for all his fans…… the Mozart of Madras with his divine music has enthralled all…….

Yet another golden feather to the “already crowded” cap of this humble human being…!!!! Let this music go on forever……..!!!!!!!”


Pic courtesy: Associated Press


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give me more

The title seems like an avaricious goof’s lament. But please don’t be prejudiced… I am not one of those goofs who make a hue and cry that nothing is enough. I do realize that everybody desires more out of life and is not allayed with whatever they have….. and you may term me as one of them. But let me explain…..

It has been almost 4 years since I have become stagnant, both professionally and personally. Looking out for a new job or a new relationship gives me absolute creeps!!! I am afraid of things going wrong…. afraid of taking the turns…. afraid of meeting with failure…. and i know all these are common aches…. yet when it comes to self, its disgusting.

In a job, what would you feel if your are asked to report vertically, horizontally and diagonally??? Would you sense a role conflict?? Would you feel that the enjoyment is being tweeted out of your work??? How would you feel if you are over-supervised and duties are not delegated in the way it should be??? Its inviolable pandemonium!!!! And I am virtually in the heart of this bedlam.

I have been trying to change myself to fit to the environment. Trying to see the virtuous side of it with out complaining. But now it has come to an impasse… I want things to change…. I want things to be different…… I am ready to fight for a brand new beginning… ready to sacrifice… ready to forfeit all those comforts and comfort zones….. and in reciprocation I want life to give me more!!!!!!