I open my window to see the “Kani Konna” with full of yellow flowers portraying nature in its full feel. The earth beneath is a canvas of fresh yellow. I leave all the lickings behind and I even forget the rising temperature. All I feel is just the caressing warmth of the beautiful nature.

A breeze came dancing in through the wooden frame fondling me gently, brushing my cares away. The soft melody that is circling in the background makes my day even more splendiferous. If you ask me for a single reason to live, I will say with out a second thought that I wish to live just to stand by my window enjoying this exquisite feeling forever.

I wish all my dear friends were here with me to enjoy this beauteous day. I wish “you” were here with me too. You know how much I wanted to take you home to stand beside me near the window, hand in hand, to enjoy this resplendent moment….. together!!!!!!


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me sandwiched between 2 anishs... ;-)

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