I decided to lock my key board when I realized that my pennings have started to hurt people. It was neither intentional nor a deliberate attempt designed to defame people. Nevertheless I would like to unfeignedly apologize even for the slightest smite caused to anybody who felt that I was trying to sabotage their good name…… and in turn their life!!!!! Let me shower my sincere gratitude to people who never tried to understand the gist of whatever was written in this space.

I tried to control myself from continuing with this blog, tried to kill it in its infancy but an inner voice, which was quite strange to me, asked me to flow on…. till it meets it death naturally…

But I am sensing an impending danger- a vague vision but it keeps on recurring. A venomous snake clinging to my toe slowly inflicting in me its deadly poison right from the extreme end. I feel like I am dethroned from my ingenious kingdom which never existed. The usurper is a stranger to my eyes but a very familiar being to my subconscious mind. The pallor starts disseminating slowly covering me in a pall of glumness. I feel its phantasmal presence all over. I feel that the terminus is near….. very near that I can extend my hand and touch….. a pinning cold aesthesis!!!!!!


His face was a careless carving
a bad workman’s ugly sculpture
ugliness in all its vigour
was a bad omen to all those pass by

It was a tragic end to a happy life
a beautiful flower withering in the sun
was handsome like a dew drop
but is cautiously vanishing in daylight

He has reached the evening of his life
now its time to bid adieu
the mighty came like a cunning fox
and took him away from this dirt…………………..

As I fly like a seabird,
but with directions so ignorant,
enjoying every bit
of my precious, priceless life……………

Many things I propose in my so small a stay,
but there is something adamant to dispose..
death as a subtle thief sneaked in to my life..
took away, my so small but precious priceless life….!!!!