"thats me"

I am Sujeeth, a confused and baffled human being who is always trying to overcome the “acomodador” & is always in deep uncertainity…!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here I have tried to collate my haphazard thoughts, poems and experiences which I have penned down during various stages of my life.

If you find it worth reading, please do drop in a line or two in the comments section……..


16 Responses to “Its me and thrs nothing much”

  1. ammutty Says:

    its really very nice.keep up ur writing ability.May god bless u.

  2. $@umy@ Says:


    Really appreciate your simple, short and meaningful thoughts….
    Take pride in whatever you write…Always do your best.

    Always remember…..”Our future cannot be programmed, it is uncertain. It is best to be aware of and accept life’s uncertainty” 🙂
    Keep going………….

  3. Roshni Says:


    Experiences make man a good teacher but i still wonder!!!!!!!!!

    Entha ella songillum oru sangada bhavam:-)Man proposes God disposes.

  4. On the Eve of the 61st Year of Indian Independence

    As I sit down to write this, late into the night of 14th of August 2008, in the city of Cochin, the commercial capital of Kerala, the power has already failed thrice. The state is reeling under acute power shortage; the indefinite bus strike announced by the workers Union is well onto its third day. Dengue fever, Jaundice and rat fever on the rise, thanks to the city corporation authorities failing to develop scientific methods of waste management but efficiently fighting over who should be given the credit for the mismanagement. In a city where there are no flyovers, broad roads or clean pedestrian walks, where traffic jams are the order of the day, a metro rail project is envisioned as if that would solve all the problems!

    At the national level, inflation is creeping to 12.5 %. The power situation is no better in other states too. National statistics indicate that corruption in Govt and non-Govt institutions of our country are one of the highest as compared to other developed and developing nations. Corruption begets corruption. In a land, where every pillar and brick is to be greased, where law enforcers themselves are the greatest offenders, the public cannot but be corrupt themselves to stay in the great race of survival!

    We are a country of people who spend a lot of our energy in debating anything and everything. We inherit the traits of Veda Vyasa who was a master in the hair splitting exercise of defining Dharma and Adharma. No wonder we carry on the tradition in our national channels and print media in unmatchable style. But, is it also not true that the effort ends there? We are happy, once we have had a good fight to establish what went wrong and who was responsible. But not for us, the responsibility and the determination to correct or to amend the system that led to the failure.

    What have we, as a nation been doing all these years since independence, other than blaming the system, the bureaucrats and the politicians but faithfully electing a different set of rogues again and again once in every five years?

  5. Anjali Says:

    Thanks for reading and adding me! I loved all the quotes you had especially from Eleven Minutes, thought-provoking words. =]

  6. Doraz Says:

    You have a very cool blog going here. Keep it going! Keep it real! Keep it fun! Thanks! Have a great summer! 🙂

  7. Sujeeth Says:

    Thanks Doraz!!!!! 🙂

  8. athulya jacob malayil Says:

    hi sujee,i hve been reading ur articles &find them very informative.its nice tat u r writing about the realities of life n ur own way &impacting many extremely impressed by the way its been presented.thank u 4 making the article real &trustworthy

  9. euphonical Says:

    thanks athulya 😉

  10. jhgkj Says:


    before, once a month or two i visit euphonical just bcoz i love u.
    five weeks back i added euphonical to my favourites list and i visited once in a week, found some additions n enjoyed.
    For the last two week daily i m chking your blog and found nothing new but instead closing the webpage as always thought to see some archived items, it was interesting, brushed up some of the memories, checked your movies list, library did a bit google search etc…
    then i strarted feeling like i want more like these stuffs… approaced the mighty google but not satisfying my needs….
    u r different…
    i love u but like to be a stranger to you.
    but i am not stranger to you.

  11. Thaha Ernst & young Says:

    Hi Sajith,
    This is an excellent way of writing. I like your writing too much. Some time felt like reading Chetan Bhagat’s books. Keep it up! Best Wishes !

  12. Thaha Ernst & young - Technopark Says:

    Nice blogs

  13. euphonical Says:

    thanks thaha… plz do keep reading my blog….. by the way… my name is sujeeth not sajith 😉

  14. thanku Says:


    Please do continue your writing.You are really talented and blessed ..Me along with others are disppointed now…

    awaiting for the same!!!

  15. thanku Says:

    No blogs after marriage?that busy?no excuses any more.keep it going

  16. thoothu Says:

    can you please write two lines for me

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