boy and girl

On a cold morning, ‘Girl’ wished to go for a long drive with ‘Boy’. She liked such trips with boy and he had always obliged to her wishes. Their love had blossomed during such long drives. They always took the same road and that road was so special to both of them. There was a lone badam tree by the side of the road and Girl had developed some special attachment to the tree. She used to keep gazing at the tree when ever they passed by. That day she felt so special and remained silent during their drive down the deserted road.

Boy: (on a sleepy mode) What happened dear? Why are you so silent?
Girl: (turned towards him but remained silent)
Boy: (smiling) I think you had a bad night’s sleep yesterday…. Were you dreaming about me??? he he!!
Girl: (still remained silent but smiled)

The badam tree was in sight at a distance and she kept her eyes on that. Boy looked at her and followed her gaze to the tree.

Girl: (keeping her eyes on the tree and like waking up from a dream) Have you ever noted that tree dear?
Boy: (as if he haven’t seen that tree at all) Which tree?
Girl: Nothing
Boy: Oh… ok… that badam…. yeah… i have seen it. why? Whats it with the tree?
Girl: (remained silent)

She was in a dream land. She dreamt that they were standing below the tree holding each other on a tight hug. She felt as if she was on top of the world when she cuddled in his arms in this cold morning. Suddenly her dream was broken when the car came to a sudden halt. She opened her eyes and saw that boy had stopped the car right near the badam tree. Boy jumped out of the car and came to her side. He gently pulled her out of the car and led her to the tree. The cold morning breeze danced through her hair and made her more beautiful. He pulled her towards him and hugged her the way she wished. She forgot the surroundings and settled in his arms not letting this moment to slip away. She was so happy…. so contented….. she looked in his eyes with unexplainable emotions and kissed him. That was the best moment in their lifes.

The badam tree looked at them happily and wished them the best.

She held his hand tightly on their way back home. She was so surprised how her wish was granted. When she got down at her home, she went to him and whispered….. “I love you“!!!!!!!!

Years later, the boy was driving down the same road with his wife. He saw the same badam tree but now with the company of some bushes that sprouted out after the rain. The sight of the tree brought in him flashes of memories of his past. He looked at his wife. She was sleeping after the long and bitter argument they had previous night. He brought the car to a halt near the tree. His wife woke up and stared at him. He asked her to get down and she obeyed but with some dubiety. Soon as she reached under the shades of the tree, he pulled her towards him and hugged her. She was shocked and pushed him away angrily.

Wife: (shouting angrily) What the hell are doing? Are you mad?
Boy: (remained silent but staring straight at her)
Wife: You think that you are still a teenager. But you are not. This is a public place man and what an ambience to show love…. uhh!!!!!!!
(And she quickly got back in to the car)

Leaning on the tree he stood there for some time. Drained of all thoughts he got back in to the car and turned on the ignition. He gently looked at the tree and with a vacuous mind he drove away….!!!

The tree stood there with teary eyes and waved him good bye…. and waited for another spring to come driving by…….!!!!!


There is lot to it than you merely see,
may be I am awry the way I foresee..
dwelling in the past I seemed to be done,
but today I opine, it was all fun..

Years have gone by, dallying around,
now its time to amass my ground..
hatful to learn, a lot to acquire,
to draw the advent days more insure..

The story is simple, the story is bare,
it all reckons on how we fare..
enounce a decree, one of our own,
and relish our life, sans fawn..!!!