“Get a life… man!!!” Kay shouted as he kick started his bike.

He didn’t even turn to look at me as he sped away leaving me in the middle of the deserted road… and from my life. Kay was the best of my friends and my partner in crime as we grew together from small looting to bigger, meatier and planned robberies. We achieved and usurped whatever we wanted.. from girls to money and from vehicles to bungalows. Force, trick, treachery, murder, rape, cheating, betrayal, treason, love were the tools in our trade!!! Our company had a rule… “Not to back stab each other” but I have broken the very rule!!!! The culprit should die… but Kay has left me alive.. spared my life… he knows that I will have a slow and painful death, bearing the pangs of deceiving my own self!!!!

My conscience was hurting me more than the wound. Blood was now oozing out through the deep cut in my stomach. We fought together till the last foe bit the dust. Kay never knew that the blade has ripped open my stomach… else he would have never left me to die.. even in these depraved circumstances. He had grown blind due to hatred…. a hatred which overpowered all the good moments we shared….. and I was the one who ruined everything….. my greed for money, power and love. Even when we parted, he had left the last booty with me….. a suit case full of money…!!!

I was lying there in a pool of blood… with nobody to help….. just a suit case full of hard currency by my side!! A deserving end to an avaricious bastard…… me!!!!