As the day came coursing by
storming me with all its chide
I wished the seconds would fly
for the bud to be by my side.

The tiny rosebud sated my living
as I warded her from all frays and chafes
She cried her way in to being
and my soul fared to moor at the wharf!!


Your silent prayers
and your love
always reflects in me
the joy of being alive.

You loved and you lost
but you never fell back
still revives the warmth and
the delight of being in love.

Even in a puddle of grief
you smile so heartily
reminds me evermore
the might of being angelic.

Never to rue and regret
you taught me so well
and I cohere by your insights
to learn the art of being you!!!!!

A very old poem….. just a fond remembrance!!!!

Ennum ennum ente kinaavil
odi ethunnu nin mukham

thazhuki ozhuki aa thaazhvarayil
ninte maathram pon mukham

unarenda aa kinaavil ninnum enne
unarthalle madhura swapnathil ninnum

sundaramaam aa thaazhvarayil
ente nizhalaayi nee ninnu

sundariyaam nee enne
karavalayathil pothinju

ente praananaayi nee
aathmaavil kudiyirunnu

ennum ennum ente kinaavil
odi ethunnu nin mukham

thazhuki ozhuki aa thaazhvarayil
ninte maathram pon mukham…!


It was raining…..

I waited for you and you never came

It was raining…..

I saw you in his arms and you tickled my bane

It was raining…..

I saw you with your child playing in the rain

It was raining…..

I saw you weeping at the end of the nuptial game

It was raining…..

You came to me and I was vexed about defame

It was raining…..

You talked to me but I was not the same

It was raining…..

You walked away and I lolled my head in shame

It was raining….

I cried and my tears were washed away by the rain

It was raining and its still raining!!!!

The scorching sun, the heat

and the biting wind

the charring skin, the pelt

my withering rind.

Pitted with nature’s fury

feeling its utter wrath

Mightier than I could carry

cutting short my deader path.

Larn to exist in this wind

fore the final outcry

assay to gain before the end

is the moral of the story.

I felt like in heaven, when you were near me,
your hand over mine and legs across mine….
I took you in my arms and you never said no,
you gave me your lips and I kissed it with love….
I held your hips and pulled you towards me,
I felt your heart beats beating against mine,
I felt the warmth of your breath and
your breast never tried to be free from me….
The taste of your ears became mine,
your hair tangled with my beard and chest….
and it seemed you were counting my heart beats….
It was not long when that moment came,
with a heavenly jerk I was deep inside you……
measuring the unfathomable depth of your juciy inside..
and before I could say I love you,
it was all over and I was resting
on your beautiful self
counting your innumerable sighs……..!!!!!!

There is lot to it than you merely see,
may be I am awry the way I foresee..
dwelling in the past I seemed to be done,
but today I opine, it was all fun..

Years have gone by, dallying around,
now its time to amass my ground..
hatful to learn, a lot to acquire,
to draw the advent days more insure..

The story is simple, the story is bare,
it all reckons on how we fare..
enounce a decree, one of our own,
and relish our life, sans fawn..!!!

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