It was raining…..

I waited for you and you never came

It was raining…..

I saw you in his arms and you tickled my bane

It was raining…..

I saw you with your child playing in the rain

It was raining…..

I saw you weeping at the end of the nuptial game

It was raining…..

You came to me and I was vexed about defame

It was raining…..

You talked to me but I was not the same

It was raining…..

You walked away and I lolled my head in shame

It was raining….

I cried and my tears were washed away by the rain

It was raining and its still raining!!!!



What does relationship mean?? It is a state of connectedness between people especially an emotional connection.  Being a social animal, we all have relationships. But to what extend are we emotionally involved…. say in a friendly relationship, in a love relationship, or in parental relationship etc…..? The point to ponder is the word “emotional”.

We all use the word “affair” to depict a “love affair”. The actual meaning of affair is- an intense amorous relationship, usually of short duration- A romantic and sexual relationship between two people who are not married to each other. But we all proclaim that somebody or even ourselves is having an affair. Do we really mean it that way? Or is it just that we are following the language that we are used to.

But in the recent times, relationships especially friendship and love have taken a slue towards the right meaning of the term “affair”….not to mention the emotional quotient. Relationships have been manipulated and doctored in all possible ways. Even a ten year old have started approaching the opposite sex just for the “affair” factor. Just imagine the plight of things when he/she grows up.

Lets not act as if we are not prone to it. It definitely includes you and me and it emphatically affects us. It definitely requires our sincere effort and ageless struggle towards building a better place to live.

Lets pray for a better place to live….. a place where each of us are emotionally attached to each other… Lets pray that we are filled and repleted with moral values and flavours of unfeigned love and care…… Lets pray…….. !!!