This is my 38th week in my mother’s womb. I am too excited to see the outer world… to experience the first breath….to feel the fresh air….. to see the world around….

Mom is also excited but she is frightened too….a typical delirium… she says that I have started moving tempestuously….. she can feel my hiccups too…. I am practicing breathing and blinking 😉

My organs are fully developed now and the skin has started turning pink. My toenails and fingernails have grown to the tips of toes and fingers and my muscles are getting stronger too… Mom is feeling extremely uncomfortable and clumsier and is hurriedly packing her bags for the week long hospital detainment….

I am getting ready too… preparing to bid adieu to my 38 week old shelter… to become free from the armour…. but suddenly something started perturbing me…. i am going to miss this place…. I am going to miss the warmth of this adorable abode…. I am going to miss the lovely music vibrating inside…..reverberated by mom’s unending love for the unseen piece of her own bod…..

I want to cry out aloud…. begging her to keep me inside…. to bask in the warmth of her womb and to relish the aeonian music……


I met with thorough criticism from my friends, who are regular readers of my blog, that I always limn the darker and dourer side of life….that I always dealt with lost emotions, love, death, pain, bawlings, wounds and so on and so forth….. but I would like to pledge that this was not deliberate….its just the ruminations on the past commingled with downright imagination… and the later forms the bulk part………

Let me try to pen down some positive mentations and some happy musings which will depict me as a cocksure material…..

But I still dont know why…… when I put the pen on paper it always turns out to be my “wounded whisperings”