As the day came coursing by
storming me with all its chide
I wished the seconds would fly
for the bud to be by my side.

The tiny rosebud sated my living
as I warded her from all frays and chafes
She cried her way in to being
and my soul fared to moor at the wharf!!


“Daddy…. I want bangles!!!” little Surumi yelled as she shook me up from my afternoon nap.

I felt irritated but tried to  smile so that she wont notice my irritation. She was our only kid and I wanted her to be happy. I tried to fulfill all her wishes and she grew up as a spoilt child. Even my wife was against my way of handling Surumi and she blamed me for the little one’s temperament and mood vacillations.

“Daddy….. bangles!!!!” she said softly, realizing that I was awake.

“Why do you need bangles now my dear…. I will get it for you in the evening when we go out for shopping” I said trying to pacify her.

“No….. I want it now!!!!” She shouted twitching her lips and I knew she was at the beginning of a sobbing spree.

My wife who was listening to our conversation gestured me not to cave in for her demands.

“Ok baby… I will get it for you” I said as I got up from the sofa. I looked at my wife and she pulled a face at me showing her displeasure on my contrary intentions. I ignored her stare as it was easy to endure than Surumi’s glumness.

I dressed up to go to the kids store and one my way out I asked Surumi “Are you coming with me?”

“No dad…. I will stay with mom and watch pokemon on cartoon network” she said.

I knew that she was interested in the latter part than the former. I smiled at her and went out.

The bangles section in the kids store was like a museum of colours. Bangles of all colours…… Green, blue, yellow, violet, red, white, black, magenta…. you name a colour and they have it. I selected two sets of bangles…… a set of green and another set of blue. The shop keeper smiled at me as he knew very well that my presence in his shop was coerced by Surumi’s mood swings. He neatly packed the bangles in a box and handed it to me. I paid him and left the shop feeling contended for finding the best stuff for my daughter.

As I opened the door, Surumi came running to me, screaming at the top of her voice. Screaming was her dearest way of conveying happiness. She grabbed the box from my hand and tore open the cover. The bangles fell on her lap and she picked one and looked at me with wide eyes.

“Dad… What is this?” She asked.

“Bangles.. my dear… green and blue ones” I explained.

She turned to my wife and said “Mamma….. this dad doesn’t know anything. I wanted ‘Bangles’ video game and look what he have brought…”

She threw the bangles on the floor and it broke in to a million pieces….. green and blue!!!!