June 2009

Ramayana – Core Value Proposition

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Courtesy: Kris Ashok for this brilliant presentation!!!!!

The red ornate meat at the left side of my body is pounding heavily. I could feel the throb and the tireless flow of hot fluid……… doctors term it as hypertension. Quite strange….. hypertension at this age… very uncommon!!!!!

I have felt this throbbing before, when I was with my love….. long back in school. That was a delight… a feeling of joy but now….this is disturbing.

Wish everything is back to normal and that the throbbing happens only for love and not by any somatic disorders!!!!!


It was raining…..

I waited for you and you never came

It was raining…..

I saw you in his arms and you tickled my bane

It was raining…..

I saw you with your child playing in the rain

It was raining…..

I saw you weeping at the end of the nuptial game

It was raining…..

You came to me and I was vexed about defame

It was raining…..

You talked to me but I was not the same

It was raining…..

You walked away and I lolled my head in shame

It was raining….

I cried and my tears were washed away by the rain

It was raining and its still raining!!!!