It was General elections today and this was the first time that my precious vote was not cast, ever since I turned 18. Do I miss the black ink mark on the index finger of my left hand? Yes, I guess.

It was a holiday today, but I preferred to work (or rather come to office) eyeing the compensatory off that is to be utilized next week for my cousin’s wedding. I patted myself for not heeding to the innumerous phone calls from the ‘machus’ from my home town. Compensatory off and wedding were my trump cards against them….

Now its 12 midnight and just one more hour to go to hit the bed. Even after a myriad of phone calls and emails, I am left with no results. A bit tired and dispirited I decided to sit back and contemplate on the directions to strike gold. I tried to reassure myself that I am here to work hard and to bring home the bacon. Be smart….. I dictated myself…. but the journey has been so long and clumsy…. so cumbersome. What it emphatically incited in me is the uttermost minifying of self-assurance and self-confidence.

Tomorrow is yet another rosy day…. starting with the same old hopes……might as well end in abjection as always…..

Optimistic pessimism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!