Everyday I wake up to realize tht nothing is the same..everything seems to be a lot different… I wonder what is in store for me each day..!!!
I wake up to a blue light blinding my vision, I could hear some loud music vociferating in my ears as if an earphone is plugged in…. I try 2 remove it frm my ears but the effort was in vain and the music continued 2 flow endlessly…. I tried to close my ears but the music persisted …….a perpetual earphone was plugged in to my ears…..

I continued to search 4 things that will make me happy… though I realize tht there is nothing called ultimate happiness but only intermittent impulses of happiness!!!!

Sometimes I feel vulnerable….so vulnerable to desires, to passions, to emotions, to love and much more…. sometimes I feel so fragile, so delicate, so brittle… even the slightest vibration can damage my soul…. I wonder why I am putting on an unbreakable, hard and opaque cover all over me.. when i am so easily ramified and annihilated by even a gentle vibe… voluntary or involuntary..!!!!

This might be another masterpiece created by the Ultimate Hand…. who also gave forms to the turtle and the oyster….!!!!

And here He made a handicapped turtle……..!!!!!!